Terms and Conditions


Our Jumping Castles are for children less than 50 kilograms only.

No adults to jump on our Castles.

Water slides are for all ages with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms.

We reserve the right to cancel any jumping castle booking for the following reasons: Rainy days, Gail force winds, Inadequate space, Sandy conditions

Refunds only for rainy days and Gail force winds

Just Note after we have delivered and setup your castle we do not refund. Same applies if you collected the Jumping Castle

Our Jumping Castles are rented out only once per day.

After every rental our Jumping Castles are cleaned and sanitized.

All prices quoted on this website exclude delivery.


“the hirer” includes anyone who hires, leases or sublets to a third party the equipment of, or in connection with BouncyKidz Jumping Castles.

“adult” means anyone who has the capacity of a major, including persons over the age of 18 and excluding persons insane or mentally retarded.

“inflatable” means only the jumping castle and so including ‘the front step’ as connected.

“the blower” means the instrument attached to, or in connection with the inflatable as aforedefined that shall be utilized to propel air into the inflatable.

“anchor points” include such premises of the hirer as aforedefined where the equipment will be used to affixed to ensure maximum safety for the users thereof.

“sharp instruments” include any object that is capable of damaging the inflatable or compromising the safety of the users thereof.


You “the hirer” are responsible for ensuring that an adult supervises the equipment as hired at all times to guarantee the safety of the users.

All anchor points of the equipment must be checked during the hire period by “the hirer” to ensure the equipment is safely anchored to the ground.

The inflatable and any equipment connected thereto is not to be moved, shifted or tampered with once it as been set-up for use.

All beverages and food are strictly prohibited on any unit as hired, as this will prevent injury to the users and damage to the property.

All shoes, glasses, face paints, jewellery, pets, toys, sharp objects and any other property of the user, on the user, must be removed prior to using the inflatable.

Always ensure that the number of users, using the inflatable at the same time, are limited according to age and size to avoid overcrowding and possible asphyxiation.

The front safety step as connected to the inflatable is to be utilized for the purpose of boarding the inflatable and bouncing on the front safety step is to be avoided as possible injury to the user could occur.

In the event that the inflatable is used outside, the blower is to be protected from any water including sprinklers, rain etc.

The blower must be switched off if not in use. In the event that the equipment becomes inoperative, due to no fault of you “the hirer”, ensure that all users discontinue their use of the equipment and contact BouncyKidz Jumping Castles immediately.


Pictures on this website for illustration purpose only. Actual products can differ in appearance.

In terms of this policy you are liable for any loss or damage to the property of BouncyKidz Jumping Castles as the hirer thereof and further.

BouncyKidz indemnifies itself against any loss or injury incurred by you, the hirer, subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

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