Frequently asked questions

Jumping Castles

How long can I have the jumping castle for?

We rent out our jumping castles only once a day. We deliver before 10h30 in the morning and collect from 16h40, we try to be as flexible as possible and work around times that are convenient with you. What surface can the jumping castles go on?

The jumping castles can go on grass, paving, floor. We do not allow our castles to be placed on sand. We will supply a groundsheet if the surface is other than grass.

My garden is on a slope, can I still have a jumping castle?

Please advise us at the time of booking if your garden is not level, it may be necessary for us to visit your garden prior to your party to tell you if it is suitable for jumping castle or not. Normally we are able to secure the castle to prevent any side movements.

We live outside your delivery area; can I still have a jumping castle?

We normally do not deliver outside our delivery area during peak times. During the off peak times we will consider it on a case by case bases. (Cape Town Metropolitan area only)

Can I collect the Jumping Castle and set it up myself?

Yes, Jumping Castles can be collect between 07h00 and 10h00 and must be returned by 19h00 on the same day.

Can we keep the jumping castle overnight?

Yes, you can keep the Jumping Castle overnight for an additional R150-00 fee. Overnight Jumping Castles must be returned before 10h00 the next day.

What if it rains?

If it is raining on the day of your party, you can cancel the booking. There will be no cancellation fee.

Can adults go on the Jumping Castle?

Only on our Water Slip and Slides. Our standard jumping castles are for children up to the age of 12, and will not withstand the weight of an adult. Adults weight put too much stress on the seams, damaging the material and stitching.

How many children can use the jumping castle at the same time?

The Cheetah and Dinosaur jumping castle can handle between 6 and 8 children at the same time. All the other jumping castles can take up to 12 children. Please see that the same size children bounce together. This will prevent injuries and also make it more enjoyable for the children.

Do I need to provide anything?

Access to a power supply for the inflatables, and water hose for the waterslide. We will bring all the necessary equipment with us. This will include the jumping castle that you have hired, electric blower, extension leads, safety pegs, and ground sheets if required. Our extension leads are 15 to 25m long. We do not supply Bubble Bath Soap for the Water Slip and Slides.

What do I need to do on the day?

We need clear access to the place you would like the jumping castle situated. The jumping castle will be wheeled to the location on a trolley. The Jumping Castle and Trolley are approximately +- 800mm wide. Please tell us at the time of booking if you have any narrow access ways, a torturous route, or if there are lots of steps to the location. Please make sure that your sprinkler system is switched of for the durations of the jumping castle hire. We secure our jumping castles with pegs so we need to know about any underground piping where we are going to place the jumping castle.

How long does it take to set the bouncy castle up?

We usually takes 15-20 minutes to set up the jumping castle.

Can the inflatable be in contact we walls and trees?

No, the jumping castle can suffer abrasion damage if it’s in direct contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the jumping castle we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

How does the inflatable stays blown up?

The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by an extension cord supplied by us. Electricity usage will amount to around R1.40 per hour.

Can I switch the Blower fan off if the party has finished?

Yes, just switch off the power and unplug the extension lead from your socket. Please be aware that the jumping castle will deflate very quickly. Make sure that there is nobody on the jumping castle when you switch it off. Please do not allow anybody to walk on the jumping castle once it is deflated, this also causes damage to the jumping castle.

What else should I be aware of?

Please keep shoes, sharp objects, food, streamers, poppers, etc away from the jumping castle as they stain the vinyl. Face paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping.

I’ve been let down before by other jumping castle companies, how are you different?

BouncyKidz takes great pride in the top quality service it provides. Once your booking has been made, you can rest assured that your jumping castle will arrive as requested. We will contact you the day before your party to confirm and check the booking details with you. Should you need to change any part of your booking at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How and when is payment made?

CASH payments when we deliver. Payments can also be made prior to the day by direct deposit into our bank account. No cheques will be accepted.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We only require a deposit if you booked more than one Jumping Castle for the same day.


Can you create picture / photo cakes?

Yes, we have the resources to print images on edible media. The size of the edible picture which we placed on the cake is A4 (210mm x 297mm) . The picture on our cup cakes has a radius of 25mm. (50mm from side to side)

Can we use any photo or picture?

You can supply us any picture / photo you want printed. We will also assist in sourcing / searching for pictures that you would like on the cake. See our gallery with some examples we have made in the past. Please make sure that the picture’s resolution is good enough for us to resize it to A4 size. Pictures sourced from the internet must be at least 250kb to resize without blurring.

Can I put my favourite photo on the cake?

We have sophisticated software to extract images from a picture to merge / collage onto a new image. With the software we can add text messages on the image as well a creative effects, funky backgrounds ex... We can also enhance the picture’s light levels and focus.

For what occasions can I order a cake for?

Our cakes are suitable for informal parties and social events. Our picture cupcakes seems to be very popular at weddings, we put the bride and grooms picture on it, place it in a transparent cylinder with a ribbon around it.

What cakes can I order from BouncyKidz?

We only bake a standards 260mm x 330mm x 50mm size chocolate / vanilla or red velvet sponge cake. No, we do not bake wedding, fruit, shape or 3D cakes. We can refer you persons who will do it for you.

How long before the time must I placed my order?

Your orders must be placed at least 4 days before delivery/collection. If you require any work done on the pictures add another 2 days for us to finalise the picture to be used. We normally communicate the pictures via e-mail.

How long does the cake stay fresh?

The cake will last for at least 5 days if kept in the closed box and in the fridge. Make sure that you keep the cake in a fridge on hot days, otherwise the picture will make bubbles. To remove bubbles place the cake in the fridge.

Do you deliver cakes?

No, we only deliver cakes with Jumping Castle deliveries. All other cakes must be collect from us.

How and when is payment made?

CASH payments when you collect. Payments can also be made prior to the day by direct deposit into our bank account. No cheques will be accepted.

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